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  • BAKED Lemon-Pepper Wings

    We all have at least one "go-to" recipe don't we? I have a favorite soup, my simple salad dressing, and of course, an easy party drink. Sure, as an expat I love experiencing flavors from around the world, but sometimes something classically familiar is just what hits the spot. Well these wings have become my one of my go-to's for late-night snacking, entertaining, pot lucks, and anytime I'm looking to get a taste of home. Sweet, salty, spicy and absolutely addictive!

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Prawns Piri-Piri

Easy to make and even easier to slurp down, Prawns Piri-Piri prawns are a portuguese classic for a reason. Driving in a foreign country could possibly be one of the most challenging parts about living abroad. Every place has its unique road rules, which rules are followed to the letter and which ones are mere […]

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Nami | Just One Cookbook - Hi Alyssa!!! How have you been? Your photos are AMAZING!!! So gorgeous. I love piri piri prawns but never cooked it at home. With your recipe I am sure I can make as delicious as your photos. :)

Skillet Chicken Tetrazzini

When a loved one passes away, over time random things can remind you of them again. When I was little I got pneumonia right around Halloween for several years in a row. I still have a Polaroid of myself sitting in a wheel chair, hooked up to an IV with a full on clown costume […]

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Thalia @ butter and brioche - This chicken tetrazzini looks SO delicious, creamy and comforting. Definitely a recipe I need to make – just needs to get my hands on the ingredients now!

Skinny Broccoli and Cheddar Soup in a Homemade Pretzel Bowl

  I’m a big fan of soup-I love to make it and I love to eat it. My family, on the other hand just tolerates my soup obsession. An excellent, but healthy broccoli cheddar has been on my culinary bucket list. Unfortunately I knew this was going to be a hard sell for the rest […]

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Thalia @ butter and brioche - What a great idea to present soup in bread bowls! Definitely a recipe I need to try – the soup looks super creamy and delicious.

Evi - Your photos are simply stunning! Just pinned half of your site :)

Top 10 Beautiful (and Satisfying!) Fall Soups | Mom de Cuisine - […] love of soup is no secret around here.  And my love of photography probably rivals my love of food and cooking.  I can get lost for […]

alyssa - Aww, thanks Evi!

Lokness @ The Missing Lokness - HAHA!!! My husband can’t stand a meal without meat too! Making just soup for dinner is almost impossible! But I love this recipe. It looks really creamy, but without the cream. I think I have to find some ways to sneak this soup into our dinner rotation. :P

Bulgur Tabouleh salad

A few weeks ago met a friend for coffee-a friend I made in Bahrain. We laughed for hours about the things people don’t understand when you live in a country that is so drastically different from your own. Things that even our friends in Spain weren’t interested in because they couldn’t relate to them. We […]

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