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Baked Sriracha-Soy Chicken Wings

A spicy, tangy baked wing recipe that will easily become a go-to chicken wing recipe! Many women collect shoes, some amass handbags, others jewelry.   I collect condiments.  Like, a lot of condiments. I have a large percentage of food storage space dedicated to said condiments.  Buying a new sauce, seasoning, or blend is almost […]

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Brochetas de Pollo: Spanish Style Kabobs

We are floating in expat purgatory.  It’s not a negative experience, but rather a life of sometimes. Sometimes it’s nice to be lost in the crowd of our local grocery store amongst people who are speaking a language other than our own.  Sometimes it’s isolating. Sometimes is challenging to feel like a toddler again, learning […]

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S u b s c r i b e
L i k e
R e c e n t