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  • Best. Hummus. Ever. Period.

    We all have at least one "go-to" recipe don't we? I have a favorite soup, my simple salad dressing, and of course, an easy party drink. Well this hummus has become my go-to for entertaining, pot lucks, and anytime I'm looking to fix my Middle Eastern food craze. I've given this recipe out to many friends, and although I wasn't the creator, I do feel that this dip is a cornerstone of my cooking: full of flavor, relatively simple to make, and even better the following day!

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Fish & Chips: London’s Classic and More

Back from another amazing city and just like Barcelona, I’ve thought a lot about why to write about it, but I’m not coming up with the words to do it justice.  Instead, I’ll leave you with what is probably the city’s most notorious dish.  It’s rare to find a dish that we all love and […]

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Ramona - It’s been over ten years since my last visit to London… those fish and chips look spectacular!

Gin and Tonic Sorbet | Mom de Cuisine - […] one of London’s classics:  a good gin and tonic.  My husband and I usually prefer a glass of wine, or a cold beer to a […]

Asian Crunch Salad with Peanut-Lime Dressing

I wish I could say I liked eating vegetables.  No, I wish I actually did like eating vegetables.  I crave huge bowls of pasta, covered in sauce, smothered in cheese (are you hungry now, because I sure as hell am).  But alas, huge bowls of pasta, smothered in sauce, covered in cheese aren’t super healthy […]

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Reiko - This is a beautiful salad! I love all the colors and the last picture with a drizzle of dressing is amazing!! Makes me want to have a big bite!

Letters to My Children: June

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. -Nelson Mandela My Dear Christian, This month we celebrated your fifth birthday.  Turning five was a big deal to you.  Actually I should say that having a fifth birthday […]

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Meredith Bernard - What a perfect 5th birthday party for a little boy! Love these special images you captured and he will love looking back and reading your special words to go with them. Thank you for sharing! Meredith

Anna - Looks like he had a perfect birthday party! We too had spiderman come to my son’s birthday party.

Ham and Cheese Stuffed Pretzels with Curried Peach Sauce

It’s been one week.  One week since both children have been out of school, one week of summer.  It’s funny, I see other moms of school-aged kids and they ask quietly, with trepidation, “How’s summer so far?”  It’s not that my kids are raving lunatics (well most of the time) or the other mom has […]

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trish - note to self, don’t read these type of blogs before breakfast. Looks YUMMY!!!

heather - Oh yum. That looks delicious!

Kofo B - Looks delicious!

Melissa - These look delicious, and your photos are beautiful! And my kids just so happen to be in time-out at the moment… two and a half weeks into summer vacation and we’re already losing our minds. LOL!!! :-)

carrie - omg, your food photography is to DIE for!!!!

Angela - Gorgeous photography (and mouthwatering!)

Megan - YUM… food photography is HARD and this is so good. Now I’m hungry!

Felicia - Those look absolutely delicious!! Those photos are making my tummy growl too, haha.

Shanna - These look delish!

Melissa - Oh, wow! Those look fantastic!

Ramona - These stuffed pretzels look fantastic and you know I’m all about the curried peach sauce. :)