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  • BAKED Lemon-Pepper Wings

    We all have at least one "go-to" recipe don't we? I have a favorite soup, my simple salad dressing, and of course, an easy party drink. Sure, as an expat I love experiencing flavors from around the world, but sometimes something classically familiar is just what hits the spot. Well these wings have become my one of my go-to's for late-night snacking, entertaining, pot lucks, and anytime I'm looking to get a taste of home. Sweet, salty, spicy and absolutely addictive!

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Creamy, Cheesy Skinny “Hashbrown” Casserole

I’m not a sweet person. No, I don’t mean I’m not nice (well actually I’m not that nice) but I mean I prefer savory foods over sweet. My last post was about how my husband and kids all prefer sweets for breakfast. I don’t. Just thinking about starting the day with something sweet gives me […]

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Ramona - I am totally with you… I will take savory to sweet any day– Especially for breakfast! I can make a stack of pancakes and not eat one… I would much rather eat this gorgeous hashbrown casserole!

Lemon Yogurt Muffins with Blackberry Glaze

  My husband sometimes tells inappropriate jokes. When Madison was a baby, people used to coo at her and say how much she looked like him. Then, with a completely straight face, he’d reply, “that’s funny, because she’s not mine.” The stranger’s face would drop, I would smack my husband while apologizing and assuring the […]

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Ramona - Mmm… sounds like a winning combination with the lemon and blackberry together. I am totally digging the glaze.

Charred Corn and Bacon Hush Puppies

My mom used to make hush puppies sometimes with Sunday dinner when i was a kid. my mom didnt really talk a lot about her childhood or her mother for that matter, but when she made hush puppies she did. She would ask if i knew why they were called hush puppies. I said no, […]

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Shalonda - Did you make a dipping sauce to go with these? I’m going to try making with Gabriella! Thanks for the great recipe.

alyssa - I had these with Thai Chili Sauce. Sounds strange, but it’s sweet, spicy and tangy and goes really well with these (it’s also the sauce they served with the hush puppies we had in London!)

Ramona - Omg… I would so eat that entire plateful (and the one behind it) for breakfast right now. They look insanely good!!

Brochetas de Pollo: Spanish Style Kabobs

We are floating in expat purgatory.  It’s not a negative experience, but rather a life of sometimes. Sometimes it’s nice to be lost in the crowd of our local grocery store amongst people who are speaking a language other than our own.  Sometimes it’s isolating. Sometimes is challenging to feel like a toddler again, learning […]

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Ramona - All I can say is Wow!! That is one beautiful platter of food. I would enjoy every bite of it. :)

Coconut Green Curry Noodles

Past behavior is usually an indicator of future behaviors, or some psycho babble like that, right?  We have traveled with our children enough to expect they’d be good travelers.  So even after a long day of planes, trains, and whatnot we didn’t blink an eye of trying to cart our children around London soon after […]

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Ramona - I would devour this bowl of noodles. Oh yes.. and we have met Mr. and Miss Meltdown on many occasions (traveling not needed). :)