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Salty Dogs with Bacon-Vodka

It’s been over a year since we left Bahrain for Spain. I’ve posted before about the stark contrast between the two cultures. And while there are many things I miss about living in the Middle East, there are a few things that I relish in life in Spain. Namely booze and bacon. I have yet […]

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Simple Spanish Sangria

Pork and booze.  Those are the biggest differences between living in the Middle East and living in Spain.  It’s not the absence of women and men clad in Abayas or Thobes or the absence of the Call to Prayer echoing though out the country.  It’s the abundance of pork products and alcohol.  And when I say […]

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Napoleon Yogurt Melts

    The week before we left Floridato move toBahrainwe had to make a trip down toOrlandoto ship one of our cars.  We decided while we were there, it would be a good opportunity to head to Sea World one last time.  After we spent a few hours having every detail of our SUV inspected […]

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Lemon-Mint Juice

    I’ve mentioned probably about a dozen times one of my favorite things about living here is that most restaurants serve fresh squeezed juices.  Juices range from the classic orange to avocado (yes, that’s right!)  But my favorite, the one I order time after time, is Lemon-Mint Juice.  I’ve tried making it a few times but […]

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