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Classic Crepes Two Ways: Sweet and Savory

Vacationing with kids is sometimes no vacation-especially if your itinerary includes activities that little onesView full post »

Mini Spiced Apple Pies

Tis the season…tis the season of holiday concerts, parties, gifts, cheer.  Tis’ NOT the season for sicknessView full post »

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Tart

This Thanksgiving, I have declared myself the winner-I am the winner of the favorite parent competition.  On a dailyView full post »

Brown Butter S’mores Granola Bars

Is it brown butter or browned butter?  I donno.  Either way, there is no cute story or deep revelation behind thisView full post »

Spiced Date Cake

   Eid Mubarak!  Or, Welcome Eid, if you don’t know any Arabic (that’s one of the few phrases I know). View full post »

S’mores (homemade!)

  Do you have a bucket list?  I do.  Well, actually a culinary bucket list:  all of the things I would like to makeView full post »

Coconut-Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Rainbow Coconut “Sprinkles”

When my daughter was just about four months old we found out we were pregnant again (SUPRISE!!!!)  It’s beenView full post »

Glitzy Angry Birds Birthday Cake

  Five years ago, before our oldest was born, my husband and I had all kinds of notions about parenthood-all the thingsView full post »

Kiwi Lime Granita

  Feelin’ Hot, Hot Hot Party People, All Around Me Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot     Over the last week,View full post »