Lip Gloss Makeup Tricks To Make Your Lip Stand Out

Article: Lip Gloss Makeup Tricks To Make Your Lip Stand Out

A lip make-over should be perfect enough to make your lips stand out and look gorgeous. While there are many colors and shades of lipsticks available, lip gloss can be an ideal choice to enhance the beauty of your lips. Applying lip gloss can give a fruity texture to your lips, making it appear fuller and beautiful.

All of you would love to have glossy lips that shine for a longer time without getting dried up or lifeless even before your party ends. A lip gloss gives a perfect shimmer to your lips and gives a lively as well as lovely look. Shannon Grey who is the renowned makeup artist in New York provides expertise suggestions, tips, and tricks on simpler yet effective ways to achieve a plump pout without any painful methods.

Slough skin

Just as you get ready for a lip make-up, you need to moisturize your lips as the first step so that you can have a smooth base for lipstick/lip gloss application. This step is very important as it ensures that when you apply lipstick, it doesn’t get clogged around the dry spots of the lips, giving an uneven finish. Lip gloss can be the best moisturizer that serves the double purpose of hydrating your lips as well giving them a perfect shine. Apply lip gloss on the lips and slough the skin with a soft cotton wash cloth to exfoliate the dead cells. Moisturize the lips once more for better results.

This technique can surely benefit girls with dry, sore or chapped lips. The lip gloss can create wonders on the lips by moisturizing, regenerating the dead cells, and also by offering sun protection.

Boost your lips

You no longer need to take aggressive lip therapy treatments to enhance the volume of your lips. There are many types of lip glosses with unique composition that can help increase the lip volume just as the way the collagen lip enhancement procedures do. You can also get rid of painful injections and get plumper lips naturally with incredible shine that can last long for upto 6 hours.

Stimulate Tissue

Use a plumping gloss that contains natural spices like cinnamon and black pepper that can cause a mild tingling feeling and make your lips swell for a plumping pout. These ingredients are considered harmless to the lips and far better when compared to the pain or irritation caused by plumping injections.

Add Dimension – Create long-lasting definition

A lip gloss can be used separately or over lipstick. Once you apply lipstick and blot off the excess lipstick, apply lip gloss starting from one end and drag it along the natural curve of the lips to the other end. You can adjust the volume of the gloss depending on the texture you need.

Use your own creativity and fair judgment while coloring your lips. Switch over to lighter shades that will add a pleasant and charming look, and define the shape with a think lip liner.


Dab the lip color in the center of your upper and lower lips with your fingertips. This adds reflection to the highest points of your lips and makes it appear vibrant and magical, and stand out profusely. You can even brush a beige color eye shadow along the edge of the upper lip.

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