Laser Facelifts Reverse Aging

Article: Laser Facelifts Reverse Aging

No matter how diligently one cares for her skin, there are signs of aging that cannot be staved off or erased. Collagen will eventually disintegrate, making the skin sag on top of the bone structure. Until recently, the only way to reduce the appearance of excess skin was to physically remove it. Facelifts are hit-or-miss operations. For every successful procedure, there are countless women bearing the telltale “bat brows” and pulled eyelids of botched facelifts. Facelifts pull the skin tight at the hairline and around the ears. If a surgeon’s measurements are off by just one millimeter, the patient’s eye and cheek skin will be pulled too tightly, resulting in the artificial look that is very common among women of a certain age and class.

Laser facelifts are a much safer and gentler option. While these procedures do not deliver the dramatic results that traditional facelifts do, they also do not produce unnatural-looking results. To perform laser facelifts, Dr. Ajaka inserts a tiny laser into the skin at the ears and under the chin to stimulate collagen production and break down the tough fibers that create a lumpy appearance. The result is smooth, taut skin that appears to defy gravity. Jowls are greatly reduced, and deep wrinkles are less prominent.Laser facelifts are so safe that they are not considered major operations. The patient remains awake while the procedure is performed, and her skin is only treated with a mild painkiller. It is done on an out-patient basis, and patients can resume their normal activities in one or two days. Small bruises might linger for up to a week after the procedure. Most patients find that the small incisions by their ears and chins eventually fade away completely.In addition to being safer and less painful than surgical facelifts, laser facelifts are significantly less expensive. It is ideal for women who are doing everything they can to keep their skin in good condition but have found that their skin is still aging from the inside. There is only so much that a woman can do to prevent her collagen from losing its elasticity. Once it becomes weak, conventional products and remedies cannot regenerate the tissue. Only lasers can strengthen collagen that has stretched out due to time and gravity.

This procedure is popular among women who want to look younger but who are reluctant to undergo major surgery. The affordability and convenience of laser facelifts makes them perfect for working women. Fans of the procedure have noted that they like improving their looks without feeling like they have undergone plastic surgery. They look fresher and younger but do not look like typical plastic surgery patients, so their friends and family members will never suspect that anything has been done. Laser facelifts do not change a woman’s face. They merely reveal the best version of her true beauty.


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