6 Ways To Use The Perfume So That It Last All Day

Article: 6 Ways To Use The Perfume So That It Last All Day

In the fragrance industry, there is a clear distinction between eau de toilette and perfume, the former having a lower concentration of scent compounds such as essential oils ( about 10%-18%) and a higher alcohol content. In terms of durability of the fragrance, this means that the eau de toilette lasts a shorter period of time ( a couple of hours) because it evaporates more quickly, while the eau de parfum lasts longer, thanks to the high concentration of aromatic essential oils ( 20%-40%) which linger on the surface of the skin for an extensive period of time. Regardless of the type of fragrance you choose as your signature scent, which also depends on your budget ( eau de parfum is more expensive), there are several methods to use it so that it lasts throughout the entire day.

Apply an Unscented Moisturizer Prior to Using the Chosen Fragrance 

It is clinically proven that an optimally moisturized skin absorbs better the scent, allowing it to last longer. If you know that you have a dry skin, then it is imperative to moisturize properly your skin prior to applying the perfume. You can also use petroleum jelly on those skin areas where you intend to spray the perfume; the perfume droplets will get attached to the petroleum jelly, which will increase the durability of the scent. Another way to make the perfume cling to your skin for a longer period of time is to use a scented body lotion or gel from the same line prior to using the perfume itself.

Spray the Perfume To Your Pulse Points

The pulse points are those areas where the blood vessels are the nearest to your skin, which means that these skin areas are the warmest in your body, because they constantly emit heat. Thus, the main pulse points are located inside the wrists, behind the ears, at the base of the throat, inside the elbows and behind the knees. Perfume is primarily activated by body heat. When you apply the fragrance onto these areas, it will react with your natural body heat, thus continuing to emanate scent throughout the day.

Avoid Rubbing the Perfume Onto the Skin

After applying a certain fragrance, it is best to leave it as it is, in order for it to get absorbed naturally by the skin. Rubbing the area where you had applied the perfume for the purpose of spreading its scent is not a good idea, because this way you will break down the scent-filled molecules of the perfume, thus lowering the intensity of the fragrance.

Apply the Perfume Before Getting Dressed 

This way, you can rest assured that the fragrance will be in close contact with your skin and in addition, none of your clothes or jewellery will be left with stains, that are very hard to remove. Remember that for the perfume to last longer, it needs to be applied directly onto your skin.

Preserve Its Aromatic Compounds With Optimum Storage

Several external factors such as humidity, excessive heat and light can crush the aromatic molecules of the perfume, diminishing their durability. Store your perfume in a cool and dry place and keep it away from sunlight.

Apply a Spray or Two onto Your Freshly-Washed Hair 

Using perfume on your hair allows you to enjoy a persistent scent all day long, more intense when you walk or move during the day. It is however important to spray the perfume from a distance ( at least 8 inches) and to avoid overusing the perfume, because, since it contains alcohol, it can easily make your hair dry. You can also spray the perfume into the air and then walk into its dissipated molecules.

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