5 Beauty Travel Tips

Article: 5 Beauty Travel Tips

There is no rest for women when it comes to looking good. Whether you’re going on a vacation, business trip or a family reunion, you have to be beautiful. It simply makes you feel good too and ready for whatever comes your way.

Here are 5 ways to look as good as you feel while you travel.

1. Take care of your skin

Firstly, wear moisturizer instead of foundation. It’s best you carry an all-in-one moisturiser with sunscreen and tint. When you need to refresh your make up, don’t paint your face over with a full hand of moisturizer, rather mix a bit of it with some mineral water. More importantly, never touch your face during travel without using an antibacterial hand wash or gel. Don’t forget about the rest of your skin and apply hydrant cream frequently on your lips, elbows and hands.

2. Eyes show how tired you are

Your eyes will probably get puffy, but don’t worry. You can fix that by placing a wahcloth filled with crushed ice under your eyes. It will wake you up immediately too. Treat your red or dry eyes with a few eye drops. Avoid mascara and cream eye shadows, because you can look like a racoon or a clown after a nap. However, if you can’t feel good without any eye make up, you can make it through by curling the eyelashes and applying some light mascara.

3. Hydrate the lips

Don’t let your lips get dehydrated. You can use a medicated lip balm as often as you need to. There is no need for long-lasting lipsticks. A clear gloss will do the trick and you can reapply it often and get a fresh look instantly.

4. Tame your hair

If your hair is your thing, there is a new product to help you keep it beautiful during travel. It is called Shampowder and it’s a dry shampoo that cleans and deodorizes hair and adds volume. If you can’t find it, think of a best way to hide your travel hairdo. You can try wearing a hat or a beret. Everyone will just think you love to be stylish.

5. Carry your make up with you

You should pack your own beauty products since you never know how pricey they can be at the place you’re traveling to or if you’ll be able to find the kind of make up you use. It’s good to have some things in your carry-on bag as well. Multi-use products are very practical, such as a  cream blush that doubles as a lip tint. Never go on a trip without cleansing or refreshing wipes to clean dirt and make-up.

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