7 Make-Up Tricks To Make You Slim In 5 Minutes

Article: 7 Make-Up Tricks To Make You Slim In 5 Minutes

We spend a lot of time creating figures that are slenderizing through exercise and clothes that make us look thin. But, how much of that time do you spend getting your face to look thin. There are a few basic slenderizing makeup tips that can sculpt your face and give you a slimmer appearance. You can add these 7 simple tips into your daily beauty routine and get a beautifully contoured face.

1. Make your nose thinner with darker lines.

In order to thin down the nose, blend in slightly darker lines on each side and leave the center of the nose light. Don’t go down all the way to the base of the nose, but contour along the upper sides. This will give you a more natural appearance and also make the top bridge of your nose appear thinner. 

2. Use strategic contouring on your cheekbones. 

The cheeks tend to be the widest part of the face, so this is an area where you can get the most effect with a simple tip. Choose a bronzing powder or a deep blush that’s just a few shades more intense than your complexion or the foundation you use. Using a brush, sweep it upward from right under your cheekbone to the top of the ears and then dust lightly under your chin and jawline. This will automatically make your face look thinner.

3. Make your brows stand out.

If you have bushy or over plucked eyebrows, you’re not doing your face any favors. Your eyebrows should make a statement, but not be too thick and have an arched shape. This slight arch in the middle will make your face look slipper. Either make this shape at home or go to a professional in order to get a professionally-done job. If your brows are too light or not in the right shape, color them in slightly to get a more defined brow line.

4. Get rid of eye circles. 

If you’re sleep deprived, you may have bags under your eyes. You can use a small dab of concealer to hide them and blend into your normal skin. A white-tinted shadow also helps to lighten darker areas. Use this on the outside corners of your eyes in order to make them stand out slightly. This will help draw attention to your eyes while also slimming the facial shape.

5. Pay attention to your forehead. 

Many women don’t like their foreheads and constantly cover them with bangs, but if you’re not into this trend, you can make your forehead smaller and slimmer with a quick bronzer application. Use a bronzer that’s just slightly darker than your skin tone in order to create a shadow above and around the temples and a light application around the hairline. This will bring the forehead down slightly and also make it pop with the rest of your face.

6. If you don’t have a well-defined chin area:

you may feel as though you look like you’re struggling with a double chin. This is also a quick fix with a bronzing powder. Use one that’s a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Using a brush, lightly apply to the skin underneath your jawline. This creates a nice line and squares off the chin to give you a thinner, sculpted face. In order to avoid making this stand out, be sure to feather the bronzer down the neck and blend into your skin tone. The key to creating this look is to blend well, so make sure to pay attention to how you pull off this look.

7. Use a highlighter. 

A light highlighter can accentuate the best parts of your face and create a slimming effect. You can finish off your makeup routine by applying a highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones and the center of the nose. This last effect will make your entire face pop and by creating both shadows and highlights, you’ll end up with a much lighter face.
These are 7 simple ways to lose weight in your face with a few makeup tricks. If you’re tired of not having any definition in the facial area, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym. With a few little tricks, you can lose weight in your face and get increased definition.
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