Make-Up Tips to Cover Under the Eye Bags

Article: Make-Up Tips to Cover Under the Eye Bags

Under-eye bags ruin your looks and are too stubborn to be removed easily. They are a struggle to hide, especially if you don’t have good makeup skills. Read on for some handy makeup tips to cover under-eye bags!


The skin under eyes is highly sensitive and delicate. Ugly eye bags are formed when the blood vessels that are normally covered by the skin expand abnormally. This makes this area look unusually darker and baggy.

It is really tough to get rid of under-eye bags no matter what the cause. Saggy eyes could be genetic, or develop temporarily due to lack of sleep, crying in excess, using the computer in excess or other reasons. Using makeup is the most effective way to conceal and remove the appearance of saggy eyes. All you need for hiding the bags under the eyes is a face wash, moisturizer, makeup brush with soft hair, foundation and a fine quality under-eye concealer that suits your skin type.

Here are some make-up tips to conceal eye bags.

Moisturize Properly

The first step of your preparation for covering your under-eye bags is moisturizing the baggy area under eyes after washing it. Make sure you apply a good eye cream under and over the affected area, even if you’ve already put a moisturizer. This will make your eye area soft and the concealer will not cake up.

Quality Concealer

You can use a shade or two of a concealer, but ensure that the shades are lighter than the foundation you’re using. Using a concealer with yellow undertones can be a good idea, for it blends fine and gives the best lightening results as compared to other undertones. Avoid using a concealer whose shade matches that of the foundation.

Different Types

Concealers in all forms (cream, liquid or stick) give equally good results; just get one with fine quality and do a little research on what best suits your skin type. Normally, however, stick concealers are the easiest to apply and provide a heavy coverage. And, if you want a lighter look, use a liquid concealer. Finally, keep a soft and clean make-up brush with you.

How to apply a concealer

1. Although you can use your fingers for the task, using a soft and clean make-up brush is a better idea. Hold the saggy skin underneath your eye extended so you can apply the foundation.

2. Let the foundation dry properly before applying a concealer. If you apply the concealer too quickly it may cake up with over the skin.

3. Apply the concealer over the baggy area under the outline of your eyes with the help of a brush. Blend the concealer with the brush so it can cover the entire affected area.

4. You can also use a makeup sponge to get the concealer set in place. Blend the area in such a way that the makeup is not visible.

5. The under-eye cream you applied earlier will not allow the concealer to become harder and you get a natural finish.

6. Now, apply another thin layer of foundation on the under-eye area and mix the makeup in like before.

7. If the concealer is blended properly, the eye bags under your eyes will appear smaller and hardly noticeable.

If you still feel the sagging skin it visible, you can use a very small amount of a light eye shadow and apply it evenly over the eye bags. Also, encircle the entire outline of the eye with the same eye shadow to make the eye look even.

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