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Tahini Noodles

    I think I was pretty typical college student-dining on a budget.  At some point I saw a recipe for peanut noodles using a combination of peanut butter and soy sauce.  This became one of my go-to meals.  It was cheap, fast, and perfect for late night studying.    When my husband and I […]

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Western Fritatta

  Do you ever dream about food?  I do. All the time.  The last dream I had, I was on the set of Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson.  She told me to make a dish with what she had in her kitchen and all I remember seeing was bell peppers.  So I chopped them, […]

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Rhubarb and Apple Crisp

  After returning from Dubai I must admit, it’s been a bit hard to get back into the “swing of things.”  It’s finally begun to warm up and I’ve been enjoying spending tons of time with my kids and husband outside and poolside. But it’s also meant lots of take out and delivery food, as we […]

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Dubai: A Trip of Firsts

  As I contemplated what I wanted to say about my recent trip to Dubai for a food photography and styling course, I realized it was a trip of firsts for me: First time leaving Bahrain since we arrived First time being away from my kids for more than a few hours   First time […]

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Napoleon Yogurt Melts

    The week before we left Floridato move toBahrainwe had to make a trip down toOrlandoto ship one of our cars.  We decided while we were there, it would be a good opportunity to head to Sea World one last time.  After we spent a few hours having every detail of our SUV inspected […]

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